Firm News February 2023

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Our Email Domain Changed

We wanted to share a reminder that our firm’s email domain changed from to last year. We have recently been advised by a few clients that our emails were quarantined in their “junk” folders. In addition, several clients mentioned they sent emails to us using the old domain address ( to which we did not receive.

To ensure that we are all receiving email communications, we kindly request your assistance with the following:

  • Emails you send to the firm should contain the new email domain (example:
  • If you find our emails in your “junk” folder, please use the “block or allow” mail settings and add our email address to your “safe senders & recipients”.

Please contact the partner/manager or other point person who handles your account if you need our assistance with this task.

Happy Mardi Gras

Laissez Bon Temps Rouler to all of our clients, colleagues & friends! The KL team will be participating in this year’s Mardi Gras festivities by riding in the following parades:

2/10 – Cleopatra

  • Christy Brox - Float 13B, 3rd rider, passenger side, 2nd level
  • Wendy Dew- Float 13B, 4th rider, passenger side, 2nd level

2/16 - Muses

  • Mary May – Float 15, neutral ground side, 2nd level

2/19 – Thoth

  • Connor Housey – Float 28, passenger side, 1st level

2/21 – Rex

  • Doug Finegan – Float 17, 6th rider, driver side
  • Wilson LaGraize, Jr. – Float 17, 1st rider, passenger side

It's Tax Time

We look forward to the opportunity to work with our clients again this tax season!!

It’s time to begin gathering information for the preparation of your 2022 income tax return(s). We have already provided the 2022 Tax Organizers to assist you with this. The tax deadline is April 18, 2023 this year. While we can file for an extension of time for filing the tax return until October 15, 2023, all taxes must be paid by the April 18th deadline. Therefore, we will need as much information as possible before this time to make a good faith effort in determining your tax liability (if any). In addition, if you are required to make estimated tax payments, your first tax payment for 2023 will be due on April 18, 2023. Also a reminder about deadlines for S corporations and partnership tax returns – they are due on March 15, 2023 and C Corporation tax returns are due April 18, 2023.

Please note that we need to receive your tax data by March 10, 2023 to complete your return for April 18, 2023. You can mail or email (please email us a request for a secure link) your data to us, or call our office to schedule an appointment. Our ability to complete your return by the April 18, 2023 deadline is only attainable if we receive your data early enough.

Featured Insights

Preventing and Addressing Fraud in Your Business

Fraud is a significant problem across businesses of all sizes. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners estimates that businesses lose 5% of revenue each year to fraud by employees and officers. In this document, we’ll cover steps to help prevent and address fraud in your business.

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Estate Planning Considerations for Blended Families

When two people with children from previous relationships get married, they form a blended family. While this can create a unique and loving situation, it raises some complicated estate planning considerations.

Most of us want to ensure our children and stepchildren are taken care of financially should something happen to us. However, many are unaware of the ways children can be unintentionally disinherited.

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Planning for Social Security Retirement Benefits

Planning for Social Security benefits is an important task for those nearing retirement. There are several factors to consider, including when to begin collecting and how to maximize one's Social Security retirement benefits. Taking benefits too early can reduce your benefit amount, while waiting too long can mean missing out on potential earnings. Additionally, it is important to understand how benefits are calculated, as this will determine your monthly retirement benefit.

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Expired and Expiring Tax Provisions That May Impact You and Your Business

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017 made several sweeping changes to the tax code. However, many provisions were designed to be temporary and thus contained a “sunset” or expiration date. This article will review several provisions that have either recently expired or are scheduled to expire in the coming years.

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